Renata Watch Battery

Silver Oxide 0% Mercury Batteries

    • Renata's comprehensive assortment of over 40 different watch battery types, mostly of the silver oxide 1.55 V system, offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long lasting, low voltage power source.

Renata has developed its 0% mercury battery line in close cooperation with the Swiss Watch Industry. The new batteries were tested by various independent laboratories and approved by several important OEM customers. Most of the major luxurious Swiss Watch Brands rely on Renata.

The new technology of our 0% mercury product portfolio is based on new raw materials and ingredients. New investments in our manufacturing lines are ensuring a state of the art quality production of our new 0% mercury products. The unmasked date code on the cell and the expiry date indicated on the packaging will ensure that you will always have the most recently produced batteries.

For further information, please contact: or  Renata Cross Reference Guide

    • Renata has first-hand knowledge of what a high quality watch battery must stand for:

      • an optimised volume/capacity ratio

      • dimensional precision and stability

      • high capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge)

      • excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high quality level

      • state of the art leak proofness thanks to a new sophisticated sealing process

      • constant availability

        Renata's professional expertise is worth having on your side. And in your watches.