Eyeglass Repair

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The Laser Welder can repair virtually any break on almost any type of metal, including Titanium.

With this awesome new technology, solder and a torch are no longer needed.

The Laser simply shoots a beam of light, which actually welds the two pieces together producing little to no heat.

A filler of gold, platinum, silver or titanium wire is then used in the Laser to fill the groove where the two broken pieces were joined.

A laser weld is eighty-six percent stronger than a traditional solder. In addition, with the laser, Rainbow Jewelers Supply can fix breaks that wouldn't be possible with solder, such as Titanium (which cannot take heat), glasses that have a finish, or glasses with a plastic bottom to hold the lens in place.

We can repair just about all eyeglasses except plastic frame.

Price Starts at $45.00 for first weld and $25.00 for the second weld

We offer a 30 day warranty