Conditions of use


Design and Manufacture

The descriptions and pictured representations in this catalog resemble the actual product as closely as possible. However, because of continuing efforts to improve our merchandise, changes are unavoidable and designs and specifications will sometimes vary. If tolerances or dimensions are critical, please mention this in your order.

While every effort is maintained to keep pricing accurate, due to market conditions, 
Prices are subject to change without notice. Price lists are published periodically and the latest price list will be sent upon request. You may also request quotations before shipment by submitting a list of the items you wish to order. If prices have changed you will be notified before your order is processed


In the absence of special instructions on "how to ship", we will use our best judgment in forwarding merchandise.We will comply with your instructions insofar as DOT, ICC and other applicable government regulations permit. Hazardous materials are subject to strict government regulations and additional charges may be incurred.


All products in this catalog should be free of defects in material and workmanship and perform the work for which they were designed.

If, upon examination or first use, a product is found to be defective, contact us with the details. Items which have been abused or used

for work for which they were not intended will not be replaced or credited. No merchandise may be returned without written

authorization to do so.


The products in this catalog were selected for use by technicians and craftsmen working in professional repair and maintenance shops, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. Some of the products, particularly solutions and compounds, may be considered hazardous if used, stored, or disposed of in an improper manner. These products are intended for professionals and Federal law prohibits the use of some of them in the home. Possession of this catalog does not constitute a right to purchase and identification may be required to as certain whether a buyer is qualified as a professional user.

Purchase of any product is in agrement with the release of liability to Rainbow Jewelers Supply, its officers, employess and affiliates. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for use, storage, and liability for items purchased from Rainbow Jewelers Supply, its officers, employess and affiliates.


While every effort is made to keep prices current:


Prices are subject to change and prices listed on  pages may not reflect current priceing.

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