10.3533 3M BRISTLE BRUSH 6" GRIT 220

Manufacturer: Grobet USA
SKU: 10.3533
Manufacturer part number: 10.3533
Vendor: Grobet USA
3M™ 3-RADIAL BRISTLE DISCS Great for cleaning andmaintaining hard to reach areas on platinum, gold, silver, copper, pewter and brass pieces. Embeddedmineral abrasive is harder thanmostmetals. Removes oxides without messy compounds. These discs do not generate the same amount of heat as rubber wheels do. Can be used individually, or stacked. Note: Bristle brushes up to 1" diameter use with mandrel hole 1⁄16" or 1⁄8". Those of 2" & 3" are to be used with adaptor mount, No. 10.3541.